Delivery abilities

Sierra Glass Fabrication has a fleet of trucks with custom bodies designed to haul large flat pieces of glass to manufacturers, glass shops, construction sites, and other customers around the Western Sierra. The trucks are fitted with a custom body to meet the company’s needs.

  • Crane
  • Moffett
  • Curtain side
  • Flatbed
Custom Glass racking and sequencing
  • IG racking – Sierra Glass Fabrication has developed and created a custom insulated glass racking system to better secure your Insulated glass units. This innovative system allows us to store, load, and secure your IG units onto our trucks with less breakage occurring.
  • IG sequencing for jobs and window (build and assembly sequences) – The ability to barcode all Insulated Glass units for ease of tracking the complete order and load onto trucks for delivery.
Certified Guardian fabricator

Sierra Glass is Low-E Coated Glass Certified with Vitro, Guardian and Cardinal Glass. By being certified by the top glass manufacturers, we are able to provide high-performance coated glass and deliver quality fabricated glass with short lead times.

Automated IG line
  • Glass Washer – powered infeed and outfeed, heated wash, and freshwater rinse
  • Spacer Alignment Station – Automatically applies flexible spacer to the glass
  • Flexible Application Station – Designed for easy application of flexible spacer
  • Muntin Bar Station – Allows easy alignment of muntin bar after spacer application
  • Roller Press – ability to adhere the flexible spacer to the glass
  • Quad Seal IG Sealing Machine – The IG unit is automatically sealed and advanced to the end of the line.
Water Jet
Thermo Plastic Spacer (TPS®), a more reliable Insulated Glass Unit Spacer

The Perfect Spacer Frame

  • Patented mitre joint
  • Perfect corners (gas tight also with silicone secondary sealant)
  • Homogenous, continuous TPS® spacer frame – the perfect primary seal

Water Vapor And Gas Block

  • Very low initial moisture loading
  • The perfect seal against loss of gas and moisture penetration, increasing the service life


  • Flexible edge seal
  • Minimized shear and peel load once the IG unit is subjected to pressure changes
  • Less stress in the edge-seal